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How much security do I need?

A tour of the foundational elements of security and how you can apply them to your startup

Knowing how much is enough can be a challenge. Covering all the different aspects of security can also be confusing. In today’s competitive environment, however, displaying strong security credentials as a business can not only help defend your information and people, but can also help you win more business.

Ever wonder what aspects of securing your business you should be thinking about, and what’s appropriate? Trusted security veteran Dean Carter joins Founder & CEO Phil Howie for Onwardly’s latest webinar focusing on foundational aspects of security for startups. Watch the on-demand recording, where they cover the three most fundamental topics of security practice. Knowing these will put you on the right track to scaling security and creating a well-defended business.

Meet the panel


Phil Howie | Founder & CEO at Onwardly

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Dean Carter | Managing Director at Safe Advisory

Phil heads up Onwardly - an award-winning cybersecurity SaaS platform that helps you build a well-defended business. Phil has spent the last 20 years in the technology industry, and has been involved in hyper-growth startups for the last 10 years - including HiTech winning Pushpay and Whip Around. An information technology veteran with deep experience in information security, Dean has devoted the best part of the last 20 years to helping companies and organisations develop and implement security strategies and solutions. Dean has held a number of senior security roles in both corporate and advisory contexts, and consulted to many clients in Australia and New Zealand.



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